Praise for Book 2: “Finding Secrets”

“A fascinating and exciting mystery that combines faith and historical fiction. Utilizing a riveting plot, the book shows the purposes of God throughout.”
– Dr. Gregory Hackett, Senior Pastor, Bridge Community Church


“Finding Secrets grabs your attention from the very start. It is the perfect blend of mystery, fantasy, and adventure mixed with likable characters. This is the perfect read for any YA reader looking for a great book!”
– Grace Petronzio, Young reader


“Groux is a gifted writer with an amazing ability to balance unpredictability and imagination inside a purpose-filled dialogue. The questions that the characters raise about the meaning of life and the connection with a greater power are so crucial for our teens to contemplate.”
– Bryce Taylor, Young Adult Pastor & Youth Speaker


“Infused with Arthurian legend, grounded in faith, framed by the struggle between good and evil, the intricate plot, created by this talented young author, captures the reader in the adventures of Cassie, endowed with unique Brenwyd talents, and her three teenage friends, in their dedicated pursuit to rescue Cassie’s captive parents. An imaginative and gripping tale!”
– Elizabeth Dunkman Riesz, Ph.D., Education Consultant


Praise for Book 1: “Finding Truth”

“The book has already won a Mom’s Choice Award®, being named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services and given a Silver for Outstanding Young Contributor.”
– Wayne S. Walker, Homeschool Book Review Blog (Read full review)


“A gripping tale! I had a hard time putting this down, and can hardly wait for the next book in the trilogy! Groux has shown herself to be a masterful weaver of fantasy.”
– Celia King, EdD


“This is a delightful story, delightfully told. All in all, a fine piece of work, reminiscent of C.S. Lewis.”
– Major General J.R. Curry, Author and Recording Artist


“A great read… very well written and very creative in the way the author weaves the King Arthur story with the present day. Definitely piqued my interest in King Arthur! Enjoyed it thoroughly.”
– Diane Turrell, Graphic Designer


“Finding Truth is a beautifully written book with the perfect blend of mystery, fantasy and faith. I can’t wait to see what Rosemary has in store for Cassie and her friends in the books to come!”
– Virginia Carpenter, Student, age 13


“In this intense adventure, filled with great drama and action, Rosemary has left just the right amount of room for pondering deeper meanings, helping young people discover their identity in Christ.”
– Bryce Taylor, Young Adult Pastor & Youth Speaker

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