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15 ways the iPhone beats Android. This feature is rolling out for users around the world on the latest versions of iPhone, Android, Windows Phone as well as desktop. Timeline: Pin Chat Conversation Add ... Theta Box 216,500 views. Changing the Registered Phone Number in WhatsApp Messenger for iPhone, ... text box. Learn Latest & Best WhatsApp Tricks for your Android, iPhone, Nokia, Symbian, Blackberry or any other platform. Use Messages on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Secret Whatsapp Tips/Tricks - Learn Now! Here's how to restore deleted apps. 4. What if you could throw a virtual party whenever you want that your friends from around the world could attend at a seconds notice? This post will share information about how to hide chat in WhatsApp ... How to send music files through WhatsApp on iPhone. I can t actually see the dialogue box anymore. If this is the first time youve opened Microsoft Outlook 2011, begin at If youre opening Microsoft Outlook 2011 for the first time. If you have an iPhone 2:28. It's a problem with my iphone. What you've suggested does indeed work on an ipad. The Apple LED screen is a common source of complaint among consumers. You can use Messages to send texts, photos, videos, and audio messages. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone else who has moved from the iPhone to the Pixel has had a horrendous time with text messaging photos. If you delete any of your favorite apps from your iPhone, you now have more options than ever to get your apps back. Just an FYI, this isn't an issue on my ipad. Replacing Messages: Three alternative apps for ... or start a new message by tapping the box in ... you can see when the other person is typing. Outlook 2011 Email Setup. How to use Whatsapp for iPhone, ... up as typing. Here's how to fix the most common ones ... Now make sure the check box next to 'Sync Tones' is selected. Cell phones are everywhere, and too many of the people who use them are self-centered pinheads who just like to hear themselves talk.> Drive your friends crazy with this funny iMessage prank Posted by Jason on Oct 10, 2013 in iMessage I somehow moved the chat sidebar off the side of the window and is now a pop-up menu, how do I get it back to the right hand side? i.e. A 7 year iPhone user switches to Android ... Out of the Box. Hi. New Friends. On iPhone Go to WhatsApp Settings > Chat Settings > Media Auto-Download. Instant messaging is a very competitive space. You can use these WhatsApp Tricks on both Android and iPhone or iPad. Check out the new iPhone vs Android comparison for 2017 with the iPhone 7, iOS 10 and why Apple still wins. This new feature recently added to WhatsApp Web lets you tap on your avatar on the left hand corner, to change your profile photo with a laptop camera or webcam, or a photo on your drive. The iPhone X isn't an Android phone, but it's a very good phone that Android users should understand. Whatsapp comes with ... number and get them on Whatsapp. Change profile photo, status message from the desktop. a post about whatsapp tips, tricks and hidden secrets 2015 ... screen with a text box to ... feature is available in iphone. With the rise of WhatsApp WhatsApp Web: Everything You Need To Know WhatsApp Web: Everything You Iphone whatsapp cant type.