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1,028 Amer Better question: When was the last time you werent tired after teaching? Leveraging the Expertise of America's Most Trusted ... Nurses have claimed the top ... Leveraging the Expertise of America's Most Trusted Profession Are chiropractors putting babies at risk? ... nurses are the most trusted profession in America by a pretty wide margin. Are you tired after teaching? According to the Gallup Poll Social Series: Lifestyle poll, nurses have held the number one spot for the most trusted profession for 15 years. For the survey, released last month, 1,028 respondents 18 years or older were asked to rate 22 professions, including health care and non-health care professions Nursing has consistently been the most trusted profession worldwide. Nursing continues to be rated the most trusted profession, ... Nurses Rank as Most Honest, Ethical Profession for 14 th Straight Year ... National Nurses Week 2017; For the 15th year in a row, respondents to a Gallup poll ranked nursing as the most trusted profession in the United States. Public Ranks Nurses as Most Honest, Ethical Profession for 13 th Straight Year High Ranking in Gallup Poll Coincides with ANAs Year of ... National Nurses Week 2017; A special report into the ambitions of the chiropractic industry ... nurses. In 2017, ANA will continue its longstanding efforts to advocate for health system reform. Americans continue to rate those in medical professions as having higher honesty and ethical standards than those in most other professions. Author Posted by Jeremy Winograd on February 14, 2017 February 13, 2017. Perhaps it should be no surprise that the general public consistently ranks nursing as the most trusted profession. Few designations could be more of a professional badge of honor than being named first among the 22 professions Nurses have been voted the most honest and ethical profession for the 13th year straight in a new Gallup poll, earning 15 percentage points above any other profession. Nurses most trusted profession in Australia in 2017. There are few people in this world whom we trust more than doctors. SILVER SPRING, Md., Dec. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Nurses Rank #1 Most Trusted Profession for 15th Year in a Row. Dec 5, 2016. For the 15th consecutive year nursing again has received the amazing honor of being ranked the most trusted profession in the country by the American public, said Eileen Williamson, MSN, RN, senior vice president and chief nurse executive at According to Roy Morgan research, nurses are ranked number one in terms of ethics and honesty. The most and least trusted professions in the UK. A recent survey from Gallup finds that nursing is the most trusted profession in the United States, with respondents rating nurses highest for honesty and ethics.