how to pass gas after c section
Shoulder Pain after ... As the others said once u move around and pass gas. ... they gave me a stool softener yesterday and its tmi but all i been doing is passing alot of gas. Your Changing Body After A C-Section. Version 1.0.2 Posted 13 April 2010 So I was getting educated on having my c-section and the nurse said passing gas rectally is the highlight. Texarkana, Texas and Arkansas newspaper. I'm on simple liquids still (broth, jello, water, etc...). What the heck does this mean? I thought I'd pass along one extra thing to toss into your hospital bag if you plan on having a c-section. I'm 3 days now post surgery and still haven't passed gas. What to Expect After C-Section. They should pass within a week, ... taking anti-gas medication and a stool softener will help. I just had my section, and I was wondering about passing ga afterwards. Whether you know you're having a cesarean section or just want to be prepared, read this mom's journal of recovery after c-section. 5 Facts About Breastfeeding After a C-Section C-Section Recovery: Day Two The nurse took the catheter out the next morning. Why is passing gas so important after having a c/section? I had my c-section on Friday and I been able to have bm but no farts (tmi) I burp a lot but I know I need to pass gas to feel better. Gas Pain and Other C-Section Surprises by Kara P. (Racine, WI) Cesarean Surprise #1: For me, the MOST painful part after the c-section was the gas as my body started to get back to normal. Gas problems after c-section. Section Editor ... abdomen after surgery. JOSOP 408 Gas Detection Standard Approved 16 September 2009 . I feel for you! Recommendation for after a c-section. It takes longer to bounce back after a cesarean delivery. Cesarean recovery: What nobody tells you. Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Placik on gas after c section: By gas I've been trying to pass but to no avail and I don't want to strain my insision. Here's how to recover from a C-section (and pregnancy) with less pain so you can enjoy your baby's first weeks. Hey everyone!! This is caused by gas building up in the intestines. As awkward as it sounded I didnt even know how to respond to this question. ... help relieve gas buildup in ... heavier or is still bright red 4 days after delivery. The most awkward question I was ever asked in the hospital, the morning after my c-section surgery was, Did you pass gas? After a routine cesarean section, expect to be monitored closely for the next 24 hours to make sure that you don't develop any problems. Includes news, sports, opinion, and local information. There are three main reasons that passing gas is one of the things that hospital staff need you to do, to check everything is in working order following surgery. They want you to pass gas after surgery here because your colon is usually the last The most awkward question I was ever asked in the hospital, the morning after my c-section surgery was, Did you pass gas?