Coming Soon! Book 3: “Finding Freedom” by Rosemary Groux

Coming Soon! Book 3:

“Finding Freedom”
by Rosemary Groux

Cassie’s parents remain trapped at the Brotherhood’s castle in the present day, but she and her friends are stuck fifteen hundred years in the past – and they now seek to free hundreds of Brenwyd prisoners from that very same ancient castle.

An epic battle ensues in the final book of the Brenwyd Legacy trilogy, going beyond the physical with spiritual forces at work on both sides. Much is at stake: the vast treasure store of King Arthur, the personal safety of Cassie and those she holds dear, and the future of all Brenwyds to exist peacefully among other humans.

Cassie has not forgotten the prophecy foretelling her role in the conflict between Brenwyds and their enemies. But with each new challenge that arises, she wonders… Can an ordinary girl like her live up to such an extraordinary destiny?

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