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The first novel in this Christian fantasy trilogy follows the story of Cassie Pennington, an American teenager who discovers that she is a descendant of Brenwyds, an ancient people who are as much in danger as they are gifted.Hiding her pointed ears and special talents, however, doesn’t keep Cassie out of trouble for long. When a mysterious organization kidnaps her parents, she wonders: Is it because of her dad’s groundbreaking research about King Arthur’s treasure… or do enemies of the Brenwyds seek to thwart the destiny of Cassie herself? Read More.


Book 2: “Finding Secrets”MCA_Logo_5in_300

The adventure continues in the second book of the Brenwyd Legacy trilogy, “Finding Secrets.” After escaping from the evil “Brotherhood,” Cassie and her friends journey to Glastonbury, where they meet a mysterious woman who holds the key to their past – and their future. Suddenly thrust through a musical “time slip,” the teens find themselves in a kingdom ruled by none other than the legendary King Arthur. Before they can return and finish the rescue mission they began in their own era, the four friends discover that they have a vital role to play in this one. Read More


book3-image_v3Book 3: “Finding Freedom”

Cassie’s parents remain trapped at the Brotherhood’s castle in the present day, but she and her friends are stuck fifteen hundred years in the past – and they now seek to free hundreds of Brenwyd prisoners from that very same ancient castle. An epic battle ensues in the final book of the Brenwyd Legacy trilogy, going beyond the physical with spiritual forces at work on both sides. Much is at stake: the vast treasure store of King Arthur, the personal safety of Cassie and those she holds dear, and the future of all Brenwyds to exist peacefully among other humans. Read More


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Rosemary Groux.

Rosemary Groux is a 19-year-old author whose heartfelt fascination with reading, horseback riding, history and all things King Arthur inspired the Christian fantasy trilogy, Brenwyd Legacy.

On a family trip when she was just 14, Rosemary decided to entertain her younger sister with a story inspired by authors like C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. In this seemingly mundane moment, she discovered a talent for storytelling that wove together her passions for adventure, mystery, faith and the world of animals.

Rosemary currently resides at Berry College in Georgia, where she majors in Animal Science and pines for her horse, Harmony, who lives back at home with her family in Broad Run, Virginia. Her love of writing continues as she travels on a new path of self-discovery.



Praise for Book 2: “Finding Secrets”

Dr. Gregory Hackett

Senior Pastor, Bridge Community Church

“A fascinating and exciting mystery that combines faith and historical fiction. Utilizing a riveting plot, the book shows the purposes of God throughout.”
Grace Petronzio

Young reader

“Finding Secrets grabs your attention from the very start. It is the perfect blend of mystery, fantasy, and adventure mixed with likable characters. This is the perfect read for any YA reader looking for a great book!”
Bryce Taylor

Young Adult Pastor & Youth Speaker

“Groux is a gifted writer with an amazing ability to balance unpredictability and imagination inside a purpose-filled dialogue. The questions that the characters raise about the meaning of life and the connection with a greater power are so crucial for our teens to contemplate.”
Elizabeth Dunkman Riesz, Ph.D.

Education Consultant

“Infused with Arthurian legend, grounded in faith, framed by the struggle between good and evil, the intricate plot, created by this talented young author, captures the reader in the adventures of Cassie, endowed with unique Brenwyd talents, and her three teenage friends, in their dedicated pursuit to rescue Cassie’s captive parents. An imaginative and gripping tale!”